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The Ultimate Community Fibre Broadband Deals Guide

Community Fibre, founded in 2013, is an internet service provider (ISP) based in London that claims itself to be London's 'fastest network'. Similar to Virgin Media, Community Fibre utilises its own network that is seperate to BT's Openreach network which is used by the majority of UK ISPs. It uses this network of fibre optic cables to deliver lightning fast broadband speeds to households in every single borough in London.

Unlike many other providers, with Community Fibre there is no need to have a phone line but you have the option to add calls and TV into your package if you wish. All of Community Fibre's packages come without an installation fee, there aren't any charges for extra usage as all packages are unlimited, and you also receive a mesh Wi-Fi router that creates a much stronger connection than a standard router would. Mesh WiFi routers are able to connect two or more WiFi access points together in order to expand the coverage area of a single WiFi network, making mesh WiFi a great solution for large households and businesses where a single router will struggle to provide adequate coverage.

Types of Community Fibre Broadband Packages

Community Fibre offers five broadband packages, all with varied speeds, to its customers and due to the use of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, none of them require you to take a landline.

Most of Community Fibre's packages are available on either a: 12 month contract, 24 month contract, or on a monthly rolling-contract basis. However, with the 3Gbps Fibre (3000Mbps) broadband plan the only available contract is a 24 month contract.

Below are the five packages that Community Fibre offers:

  • 50Mbps Fibre Broadband - 50Mbps
  • 150Mbps Fibre Broadband - 150Mbps
  • 500Mbps Fibre Broadband - 500Mbps
  • 1Gbps Fibre Broadband - 1000Mbps (1Gbps)
  • 3Gbps Fibre Broadband - 3000Mbps (3Gbps)

50Mbps Fibre Broadband

Unlike many other UK ISPs, Community Fibre does not offer a broadband package with copper cables (ADSL broadband) and instead has a superfast fibre broadband deal, which provides average download speeds of 50Mbps. This is a pretty impressive entry-level package and is suitable for quite busy households that want to use the internet frequently without experiencing any buffering or slowdown.

Another benefit that comes with all of Community Fibre's packages is that there is symmetrical connection, this means that the download and upload speeds are equal with every package. This means that the Superfast Broadband plan has average upload speeds of 50Mbps which is great for those who work remotely, play video games online, or upload large files often.

150Mbps Fibre Broadband

If you're looking for something a little bit faster than the previous package, this may be the package for you. It provides customers with rapid average download and upload speeds of 150Mbps. This package will be suitable for those larger households who use the internet on multiple devices all at the same time.

500Mbps Fibre Broadband

With download and upload speeds of 500Mbps, you'll be able to do absolutely everything that you need without any slowdown or buffering. This package is best for large households that have multiple devices that often stream ultra-HD TV or download bulky content.

1Gbps Fibre Broadband

The 1Gbps Fibre Broadband package offers customers download and upload speeds that are capable of reaching a gigabit, with average speeds of 920Mbps. With Community Fibre's gigabit plan, you'll receive two Linksys Tri-Band WiFi routers. This means that package is even more suited to internet-hungry large households, as your WiFi signal will be able to extend that much further.

3Gbps Fibre Broadband

With Community Fibre's 3 gigabit package, you'll be met with super-low latency, bandwidth beyond belief and some of the fastest WiFi speeds known to man for all of your gaming and professional media needs.

Why Pick Community Fibre Broadband?

Equal Download and Upload Speeds

Community Fibre is one of the only internet service providers (ISPs) that offers its customers with symmetrical connection. This means that its download and upload speeds are equal with every single package that it offers. This is great for those who like to upload large files as well as those who enjoy playing online video games without suffering from any latency.

Low Cost TV

Community Fibre offers its customers with over 215 live channels and more than 45 entertainment apps including Freeview, Youtube, LaLiga TV, Premier Sports and many more. You can also download the 'Community Fibre TV' app in order to stream an endless amount of film and TV programmes on your phone and tablet, on the go, without paying any extra fees.

Unlimited Usage

Community Fibre will be able to provide you with broadband packages that have unlimited usage. This means that there's no limit on how much you can download and you'll never have to look out for additional fees no matter how high your broadband usage is.

No Need For A Landline

If you live in an area of London where Community Fibre is available, you'll be able to choose a broadband package that doesn't require a landline to be installed. This is a benefit as it means that customers can end up saving on paying for part of a service that they rarely ever use.

Award-Winning Broadband

Community Fibre was the winner of three ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association) awards in 2021. Here are the rewards that the company received:

  • Best Consumer Internet Service Provider 2021
  • Social Impact Award 2021
  • Best Ultrafast ISP 2021

Community Fibre FAQs

Can you get Community Fibre's services without a landline?

Of course you can! None of Community Fibre's broadband deals require you to take a landline.

This is because this service is delivered to your home via Community Fibre's own fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network.

Is Community Fibre broadband worth it?

Community Fibre is a small internet service provider that only provides its services to customers in London. Because of this, it has a small customer base and therefore is yet to be included in any of Ofcom's annual customer satisfaction surveys.

However, it is highly rated on Trustpilot, with over 20,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. With such positive reviews, if Community Fibre's services are available to you, purchasing a package may just be worthwhile.

How much is Community Fibre broadband?

Community Fibre's broadband prices compare very well with packages from the likes of Virgin Media, BT and Sky, this turns out to be a bargain after you consider the lightning fast speeds that you can receive with the company. The main reason why its prices are so reasonable is because there is no need to pay for a landline and on all of Community Fibre's packages, other than its premium 3Gbps Fibre broadband, there aren't any set-up fees.

Is Community Fibre available in my area?

Community Fibre is only available for customers who live in London and even if you do live in London, there is still limited availability of the company's services.

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