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The Ultimate Plusnet Broadband Deals Guide

Plusnet is one of the UK's longest running internet service providers (ISPs) and remains well known in the UK for offering some of the most affordable broadband deals on the market whilst still providing a variety of packages to suit each household.

Plusnet has been a part of the BT Group since 2007 after BT's acquisition of the company. However, it's still operated as a separate business and differs a fair bit from its parent company.

What Can Plusnet Offer You?

ADSL broadband
Fibre Optic broadband
Calls packages
Mobile phone
BT Sport
Sky Sports

Types of Plusnet Broadband Packages

Plusnet currently offers its customers with a choice of three broadband plans:

  • Unlimited Broadband - 10Mbps
  • Unlimited Fibre - 36Mbps
  • Unlimited Fibre Extra - 66Mbps

Plunet's Unlimited Broadband

Plusnet's Unlimited Broadband is an ADSL (copper broadband) package that offers average download speeds of 10Mbps. This package is suitable for those using the internet on a couple of devices to occasionally browse the web, use social media and also carry out online shopping. You'll also be able to stream HD-quality video on up to two devices at the same time but it's unlikely that you'll be able to watch 4K quality video with this broadband plan.

When you sign up for the Unlimited Broadband package, you'll get Plusnet's Hub Zero Router. You'll also receive Plusnet's online security as well as access to their BT Sport and Plusnet Mobile deals.

Unlimited Fibre

The Unlimited Fibre package is an affordable fibre broadband package with average download speeds of 36Mbps (3x faster than the Unlimited Broadband package). This means that you'll be able to do a lot more things at the same time with your connection. Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre package is great for small households that have many devices or have a high internet usage. You can stream HD-quality video on up to seven devices at the same time. This package allows you to watch ultra-HD (4K) video.

Another benefit of choosing this package over regular copper broadband is that you'll get the more powerful Plusnet Hub One router included in the deal. This should provide you with better home Wi-Fi performance as it supports the faster and more modern dual-band Wi-Fi 5 technology.

Unlimited Fibre Extra

Unlimited Fibre Extra is Plusnet's fastest broadband package with average speeds of 66Mbps. This means that it's the ideal choice for larger households that are quite internet-hungry. For example, households where people may be working from home, playing video games and streaming on multiple devices all at the same time.

With this package you'll receive the Plusnet Hub One router along with an inclusive subscription to Plusnet Protect for the entire length of your plan. Similar to the Unlimited and Unlimited Fibre broadband packages, after you've signed up you will have access to Plusnet's BT Sport offers and the Plusnet Mobile deals.

Why Pick Plusnet Broadband?

Affordable Broadband Packages

With relatively low prices (starting from £23.99 per month) and fibre optic speeds averaging around 66Mbps with Plusnet's top-end package, Plusnet offers excellent value for money, especially for those who are looking to save on their broadband.

Plusnet Reward Card

Oftentimes, you can find broadband deals offered with a Plusnet Reward Card (usually worth £75), which can be spent either online or at most high street shops that accept Mastercardu00ae.

Online Security

At the time of writing, Plusnet currently offers two online security products:

Plusnet SafeGuard parental controls:

The Plusnet SafeGuard service allows you to block access to certain categories of websites (e.g. gambling sites, social media and more). These filters are customisable by the time of day (e.g. only allowing access to social media websites after school time has finished).

Plusnet Protect anti-virus software:

The Plusnet Protect software can be used on up to 7 Windows PCs. Powered by McAfee, it gives you anti-virus software with a built-in firewall, anti-phishing protection as well additional parental controls. Unfortunately, this software isn't currently compatible with MacBooks.

All of Plusnet's home broadband plans include SafeGuard. Meanwhile, Plusnet Protect is included on Unlimited Broadband and Unlimited Fibre Extra. On Unlimited Fibre, you'll pay an extra £2 per month for Plusnet Protect after the first 3 months. This is why it might be better in the long-run if you were to choose Unlimited Fibre Extra which includes this feature free-of-charge.

Plusnet Broadband FAQs

Does Plusnet offer deals for existing customers?

Yes, similar to BT, Sky, TalkTalk and EE, Plusnet offers all of its existing broadband customers the exact same prices and packages as new customers.

Existing Plusnet customers can also save even more money by adding additional services to their package, such as Plusnet Mobile SIMs.

Does Plusnet provide broadband only deals?

Unfortunately, Plusnet does not offer broadband without a landline.

However, you may want to take a look at its sister companies BT and EE. As both of them offer broadband in the same areas as Plusnet and they don't require you to either have a landline previously or take a landline when trying to switch.

Virgin Media, G. Network and TalkTalk also all offer broadband only deals to their customers, so if a broadband only deal is exactly what you're looking for, Plusnet may not be the provider for you.

What is Plusnet's installation process like?

Similar to the majority of internet service providers in the UK, the average wait time for an engineer visit to help you get up and running with Plusnet broadband is 14 days if you already have a landline at your address, or 21 days if you don't.

How much does Plusnet's broadband cost?

Plusnet has some of the cheapest broadband deals available along with many sweeteners such as free gifts and vouchers. This is why it remains a popular name in the broadband market.

Here are the current prices of Plusnet's broadband packages:

  • Unlimited Broadband - £23.99
  • Unlimited Fibre - £23.99
  • Unlimited Fibre Extra - £25.99

Is Plusnet broadband available in my area?

Plusnet's home broadband service is now available at most addresses in the United Kingdom. Over 98% of UK homes should have access to Plusnet's Unlimited Broadband package (ADSL). Meanwhile, around 91% of homes should be able to get fibre broadband from Plusnet.

If you're unsure whether Plusnet broadband is available to your property and you wish to find out more, enter your address in our tool at the top of this page and we'll show you which Plusnet broadband packages are available to you.